Friday, July 31, 2009

Finishing Touches

Well as the quilt came together, the trip also came to an end. In the stitches of this quilt a friendship was sewn that will outlast the quilt I'm sure. I have a new sister and more than that, I have a close friend, if not in distance, then in my heart. Until next year Trine, we miss you.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Trine's Quilt

What a wonderful July this has been. I have had visitors from Denmark since the 8th of July. My husband's mother and sister came to stay with us. Lars has been away in Camp since the 6th so it has given us a wonderful opportunity to get to know each other. I had not had the chance to meet these two lovely ladies before now and I am wondering now how I am going to manage without them. My sister in-law Trine expressed an interest in learning to Quilt, so I took her to our local shop (a dandy if I may say!) and we picked out some fabric. Trine had come with a pattern that she liked and we got straight to work. Well Trine is hooked now and will be hunting down some local quilting stores when she gets home. We are going to have this quilt finished before she leaves and she will be able to take it on the plane and hopefully get some rest under it. :) I will post a photo of the finished product in a few days.

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